3rd Party Backup and Restore/Recovery Tools for SQL Server


One of the most important responsibility of SQL Server Database Administrators (DBAs) is planning, implementing and testing Backups and Restore/Recovery in SQL Server. There could be sudden disaster or corruption in which case the database needs to be restored and recovered with minimal data loss, thus it make the planning and testing of Backup and Restore process very important.

SQL Server ships with database backup capabilities, but it is on server to server basis and there is no central solution where backups and restores can be managed from a central server. Thus there are various Backup, Restore and Recovery tools for SQL Server are available in the market with various features. More information regarding choosing best backup/restore tool can be found in this article

Below are some of the popular Backup and Restore/Recovery 3rd party tools for SQL Server.

NetVault LiteSpeed from Quest – LiteSpeed tool is one of the most mature, feature-rich SQL Server backup products available. It is very widely used around the world by many organizations in almost all the industries. They also provide an excellent support and regular updates to their product. It provides integration with TSM, Adjustable Backup compression ratios, backup Encryption, • Central backup repository, supports Object level restores, etc. There are some discounts of about 20-20% offered for bulk licenses. Price is on higher side, but has many good features and is a reliable product.

SQL Safe from Idera – SQL Safe is cost effective with the features provided. This tool supports TSM integration, and is capable of object-level restores, central management for backups, etc. Object level recovery is not supported with this tool.

SQL Backup and HyperBac from RedGate – RedGate has two backup/restore products which are SQL Backup and HyperBac. same licensing applies for both the products. These are highly cost effective backup products available in the market and can be bundled with other tools in your environment. There are some limitations to the tools as it does not provide TSM integration.

There are other backup/restore tools available from CommVault which is Simpana, “SQL Server Backup” from DataBK.

What does SQL Server Backups Consists of? – SQL Server Backups copies the data or log records from a SQL Server database or its transaction log to a backup device, such as a disk, to create a data backup or log backup. This copy of SQL Server data can be used to restore and recover the data after a failure. A backup of SQL Server data is created at the level of a database or one or more of its files or filegroups. Table-level backups cannot be created. Recovery model of the database determines what kind of Log backups can be performed on a database, thus affects the restore process and amount of data that can be recovered after a failure.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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